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Inflatable Structures - Have arrived!

 In December 2012 'AllThe Kit' took delivery of its first lot of inflatable structures. We started off by investing in three structures shown below. The first is a stage dome which is designed to go over a stage at small music festivals and similar events. The second is a 5 meter igloo or golf ball shaped tent which is ideal for exhibitions or as a chill out tent or perhaps a cocktail bar.




Inflatable structures are great fun and go up very quickly so are ideal where a quick set up is required. They work on a ramed air principle so need a constant power source for the blowers. Click on each picture for more details and pictures.


Stage Dome

This inflatable stage dome is ideal for an outdoor event and will easily take a stage measuing 9 x 5 meters leaving space to walk around the stage. It inflates in about 10 minutes and takes a takes a total of about 45 minutes to set up.

This stage dome measures 15 x 8 x 6.5 meters externally and 12 x 6 x 6 internal. It comes with a black back zip-in panel

Please click HERE for more details and photos-

Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote

Inflatable Igloos

This inflatable igloos are great fun and will always draw interest as they look and feels so unusual. We have two. One measures about 5 meters across externally and about 4 meters internally which is a good size for a chill our area or a cocktail bar.  The other is much larger with a diameter of 9 meters so can be used for parties up to about 60 people.

These Igloos great during the day but they come into their own at night with some uplighting as the whole stuctures glows. Click HERE for more details

Contact us for more details and photos

Hire from about 195.00 for the 5 meter dome

Hire from 395.00 for the 9 meter dome

Inflatable Party Dome

This dome measure 10 meters on the inside providing 78 square meters of space which is enough space for about 150 people dancing

Our stage dome has the following features:

  • External measurments:  Width 12m, height 5.5m
  • Internal measurments:  Width 10m, height 5.0m
  • PVC fire retardant fabric.
  • Grey on the outside and black inside.
  • 2 x 1 Kw Blowers
  • Two blower tubes per side so providing a choice of sides to place the blower
  • Zip-up air outlet valves in base for quick deflate.

Call us for a quote

The Thing

What's this? We didn't know what to call it so we just called it 'the thing!'. It looks a bit like an abstract tree and inflates to about 3.5 meters. It has its own internal LEDs that change colour so the whole thing changes colour.

Great for big parties or festivals.

Hire from about 35.00




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