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If you are hiring a stage and want to have a good lighting show you will probably need a lighting rig as shown in the picture shown above. This will enable you to hang a variety of lighting equipment in a safe and effective manner. We will be able to advise you as to the best set up for your event.

We now also have a much larger trussing system with manual winches - This system is ideal for the larger events where lots of lights are being used as the trussing can be winched up and down to enable you to work on the lights without having to go up laders etc. This is a serious bit of kit and you need to know what you are doing. Here are a few pictures of the rig being used at a community event in Tidworth:





It is possible to hire individual items of trussing but for most events we tend to come and set up the lighting rig for you. It is quite easy to set up but, if you are not familiar with the trussing system it can be bit tricky... a bit like putting together a puzzle.

The pictures show our trussing used at a variety events. It looks great with uplighting as the whole framework can look as if it is changing colour. We often use some of our star cloth which is hung at the end of the trussing to form an effective backdrop. This enables there to be a 'backstage' area which is out of sight of the public. We also often use our moving head lights hung from the rear trussing bar. This can create a great WoW factor, especially if used with our smoke machines

Cost for a lighting rig similar to that shown in the picture below starts from around 150.00.



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