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Emergency Help!

Something going wrong with a bit of kit is the dread of most bands and people putting on a show. What do you do if an amplifier or another bit of kit lets you down at the last minute?.... You've got an hour or two to go before the show is due to start... who has got the kit you need?... 'All The Kit' is here to help!

You may only need one piece of kit or you may need the whole PA and lighting kit. Just give us a call and we will try to help. If one of our members of staff is available, we will get the kit to you.

We will charge you the normal rates shown on this site but, as you would expect, there is a minimum rental charge of 100.00 if out of hours plus 40p per mile delivery charge.

We have listed two mobile phone numbers below for you to try. At least one of these should be answered to help you.

Nick - 07795 567 927

Christian  - 078 25 25 38 48



















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